Mail technician on demand

A mail technician is available 24/7 to help you deal with a potential threat and take appropriate action


RaySecur™ offers a “Mail Technician On Demand”, a mail screening support service providing assistance to mailroom staff with basic videos and image analysis, and a hotline phone for general inquiries related to mail screening. Mail Technician On Demand can take control of the MailSecur™ or PostalSecur™ workstation over the internet and remotely review videos with customers to help them make the proper threat assessment and take appropriate action. No proposed course of action is binding—customers make the final decision. 

Annual plan

The cost of the annual unlimited-call service is based on customer mail volume. 

On demand service

Per-call cost of the on-demand annual service is fixed.

MailSecur™ eliminates the need for highly technical staff in your mailroom. Our 360° Rotation™ Video Imaging technique renders mail content decoding easier than ever before. If technical or threat-assessment help is required, RaySecur™ provides a Mail Technician On Demand who can remotely assist and recommend appropriate action via internet access.