Space-age technology capable of detecting and confirming weapons, suspicious materials and all forms of CBREs concealed under clothing

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There are about 1,300 screening units, model ProVision ADT, currently in service at airports around the world. But, virtually none of these units are used in lobbies and halls of private businesses. Border patrols, corporate security, government facilities, military establishments, law enforcement, seaports, mining installations, and special events are just a few of the sectors that would greatly benefit from the second generation of the same screening technology.  

LobbySecur™ can offer the same…and much more. While ProVision ADT and LobbySecur both rely on safe mmWave technology, LobbySecur™ is an advanced version of current airport security systems since people do not need to stand in a single stationary position to complete a scan. This significantly increases throughput. 

LobbySecur™ is also entirely non-intrusive—people can simply walk into a facility and be scanned in a covert fashion, as required. This eliminates elements of fear, intimidation and suspicion that typically accompany such systems. The technology is extremely small and compact, and can be customized to any lobby and integrated into curtain walls and entry ways using inconspicuous aluminium flashing as cover.

In addition, LobbySecur™ allows for discrete remote monitoring. The live recorded videos are wirelessly streamed to a remotely located computer manned by a security official. If a threat is detected the lobby can be quickly directed into a lock down mode.

LobbySecur™ is the perfect security solution against threats concealed under clothing such as guns, knives, and explosive vests as well as suspicious materials in powder, liquid or solid form, made of plastic, ceramic, glass or metal. It is the safest, most efficient, unobtrusive, and wide-range screening system available today.


Contrary to current airport security systems, LobbySecur™ is covert and it doesn’t require people to stand in a single stationary position to complete a scan, significantly increasing throughput.

LobbySecur™ can monitor activity and detect concealed threats from a manned remote location receiving a wireless stream of live recorded videos.

5 key differentiation factors

  1. Can Lockdown a facility to prevent an active shooter

  2. Covert

  3. Remote Monitoring

  4. Easy to install

  5. Advanced version of current Airport Security system