With RaySecur™, letters and packages can be inspected in a non-intrusive fashion, increasing the number of items inspected and reducing overall residual risk.


RaySecur™ allows customs agencies to perform more non-intrusive inspections without requiring additional staff. The increased number of inspections drastically reduces the residual risk and strengthens compliance with the agency mandate.

RaySecur™ offers a simple, safe and cost effective solution, based on new innovative technology capable of detecting any suspicious content of any form and of any nature, in envelopes and packets 


  • Able to see inside envelopes and packages
  • Exclusive 360 degree video imaging™ for real-time inspection from all angles, and effective content decoding 
  • Detects CBREs, contraband, dangerous goods, suspicious liquids, and suspicious powders—the most likely among mail threats
  • Dual technology: millimeter waves and metal detection
  • 100% safe technology harmless to employees
  • User-centric desktop model easily integrated into work areas of any size
  • Portable—can be moved from one location to another facilitating multi-site mail screening
  • Designed to be highly user-friendly 
  • Extended warranty insuring turnkey and trouble-free operation, including overnight replacement in case of damage
  • No construction, embedding or lead-shielding required—simply plug in to operate
  • Increases throughput while minimizing intrusive inspections
  • Unlimited access to online webcast training requiring no travel or expensive classes—lower training cost, lower turnover cost, uniform and certified security preparedness of present and new employees
  • Comprehensive all-in-one solution that improves employee safety and morale 
  • Strengthens compliance with the agency’s legal mandate



Exclusive 360 degree video imaging for real-time inspection from all angles, and effective content decoding. 


Scans tens of thousands of letters and small packets per hour and generates an image of the content of each and every letter.