Mail Threat Alert - November 2020

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Dangerous Mail Analysis

RaySecur Dangerous Mail Threat Alert 2020-11.November’s dangerous mail threat data saw explosives and white powders continue as the common incidents, with drugs in the mail continuing to increase.

This month’s dangerous mail incidents were consistent with historical norms, despite a significant reduction in open-source reporting due to election coverage. As the holidays approach, and the number of online purchases continue to increase, mail screening efforts will face continued stress.



Why Dangerous Mail Threats are Increasing

Mailed threats maintain an advantage over their targets for a few reasons. Mail provides:

  • Standoff — the perpetrator is not present at time of delivery
  • Perceived Anonymity — perpetrators feel protected by absence
  • Safe Separation — distance protects perp from physical harm
  • Access — Mail has easy insertion into target location

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