Mail technician on demand

Mail Center Security Operation

Three hour course covering overall mail center security and suspicious package identification methodology, aimed at all center employees. The course provides basic mail center security training, based on risk assessment and policy, procedure review, and best practices in order to effectively identify and respond to mail threat.

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MailSecur™ Device Operation

Three hour course covering the effective use and operation of the MailSecur device. The course provides an understanding of the fundamentals of millimeter wave technology, a review of all device functions, modes of operation, and limitation, a practical review of video data and decoding technique, a complete A-TO-Z index on device operation, and instructions on how to best use MailTechnician on demand. Also included are training simulations using inert objects representing mail threat based on a variety of scenarios. 



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Advanced Mail Threat Detection and Response Using MailSecur™ 

Two hour course covering advanced subject matter on threat detection and response procedures using the MailSecur device. The course explores in detail how to properly detect and confirm mail content, how to use millimeter waves to detect CBREs* and suspicious powders and liquids, and how to determine appropriate repsonse to a threat. Also, included are training simulations using inhert objects representing mail threats based on high degree of difficulty scenarios. This class promises total operational proficient and mastering of the millimeter wave detection technology. 


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Disaster and Recovery Planning

Optional four hour course on the development and implementation of a disaster and recovery plan. Aimed primarily at Mail Center managers, the course explores the essential elements of a Mail Center emergency plan, a Business Continuity Plan and standardized operating procedures, to respond to even the worst scenario. It provides managers with an in-depth understanding of good plan formats and required development resources. 

*Chemical, biological, radiological and explosives