Keeping Correctional Facilities Safe

Detect Illegal Drugs and Contraband – without Opening the Mail

Increasingly, personal and legal mail is being used to smuggle hard to detect illegal drugs and contraband, particularly drug-laced papers, suboxone strips, and small quantities of powders and liquids into the inmate population.

Significant man-hours are devoted to mail screening, yet harmful substances continue to be missed. The problem is pervasive, straining limited correctional staff and resources, harming officers, and contributing to inmate violence, overdose, and death.

MailSecur Desktop Scanner Enhanced to Detect Drug-Laced Papers

RaySecur Solution:

Real-time, Accurate Detection

The MailSecur desktop scanners display real-time video of the contents concealed inside envelopes, parcels, magazines, books, and other types of packaging. Unlike X-ray machines that only produce 2D, static images, and use harmful radiation, MailSecur uses safe T-rays allowing the operator to freely manipulate the object to obtain alternate views in 3D. 

MailSecur’s real-time, dynamic imaging allows existing staff to quickly become proficient in detecting contraband without the need for extensive training and special certification or safety precautions required for X-ray.

Typical Mail Items Scanned

Simple, Real-Time Detection of Treated Paper

Untreated paper displays as green, while laced paper will present as
yellow or red depending upon the level of saturation.

Correctional facilities are struggling to stem the flow of drugs into prisons and jails, particularly papers soaked with drugs and other harmful substances. 

When dried, the drug-laced papers can be undetectable to humans, making the papers an ideal substrate for smuggling. 

When paper is treated with drugs, it changes the way the paper interacts with the T-rays, which enables the MailSecur® scanner to detect the anomaly – without anyone having to open the mail.  

24x365 Expert Threat Analysis Support

Every once in a while an extra set of eyes is needed and that’s where our EODSecur support service comes in. Anytime a suspicious item is identified our team of former military-trained EOD specialists can remotely access the images and video to assist in the detection and identification of substances.

Detects All Forms of Illicit Drugs and Contraband

Other Icone.

Drug-laced papers

K2/K3/Spice and other chemicals

Suboxone-Strips Icone.

Suboxone Strips

Concealed behind labels, stamps, and between pages of magazines, newspapers, and books

Powder Icone.


Including cocaine, heroin, marijuana, tobacco, fentanyl, and other powders

Liquid Icone.


Including THC, methamphetamines, and synthetic drugs

Electronic Icone.


Including cell phones, SIM cards, SD cards, USB connectors, and other electronic components

Weapon-Knife Icone.


Including weapons, sharps, and prohibited items

Case Study

Global Biotechnology Firm Protects Facilities and Staff with MailSecur
Moderna a fast-growing and high-profile vaccine manufacturer needed to formulate a global and enterprise-wide security strategy that addressed all aspects of corporate security, including all inbound streams of deliveries – postal mail, carriers, and couriers.


Inside Empty Alcatraz Cell Block.

Product Overview

Quick detection of smuggled threats in mail

MailSecur fills a critical gap not addressed by traditional screening technologies – seeing powders, liquids, treated papers and contraband

Use Case

The legalities of inmate mail screening 

Fraudulent legal mail is a preferred means of smuggling drugs and contraband.  The Sixth Amendment limits how legal mail can be inspected. 

RAysecur-homme-qui-pointe montage.
Professional Services

Ongoing Support for Your Mail Operations 

Our expert team helps corrections staff stay on top of best practices, new screening techniques, and better processes to stop drugs and contraband.


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