262,000 suspicious mail items in 2021.   6,300 threats  —  are you prepared?

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Keeping Correctional Facilities Safe

Detect Illegal Drugs and Contraband – without Opening the Mail

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Corrections staff and officers are constantly fighting to safely and effectively find and prevent contraband from entering the inmate population. Significant man-hours are devoted to mail screening, yet they continue to miss the introduction of many harmful substances.

The problem is pervasive, resulting in:

Real-time, Accurate Detection​

The MailSecur desktop scanners display real-time video of the contents concealed inside envelopes, parcels, magazines, books, and other types of packaging. Unlike X-ray machines that only produce 2D, static images, and use harmful radiation, MailSecur uses safe T-rays allowing the operator to freely manipulate the object to obtain alternate views in 3D.

MailSecur’s real-time, dynamic imaging allows existing staff to quickly become proficient in detecting contraband without the need for extensive training and special certification or safety precautions required for X-ray.

MailSecur Desktop Scanner Enhanced to Detect Drug-Laced Papers

Key Features

Displays a live video

of the contents inside sealed objects

Detects more and smaller threats

than existing systems, including all nine types of mail threats or threat precursors listed by DHS

Safe T-rays do not generate harmful radiation

unlike X-rays. MailSecur can be installed anywhere without the need for permits or inspections

Operators can freely manipulate each object

for a complete 3D view Intuitive user interface allows existing staff to quickly detect hidden

Intuitive user interface

allows existing staff to quickly detect hidden threats without specialized training

Designated Qualified Anti-Terror Technology

by the Department of Homeland Security under the SAFETY Act.

Typical Mail Items Scanned

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Magazine icon in white
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Simple, Real-Time Detection of Treated Paper

Dried papers sprayed or dipped in liquid narcotics or intoxicants can be undetectable to humans, making them ideal for smuggling, especially under the guise of legal documents.

T-ray imaging is so sensitive that even single sheets of drug-laced paper intermixed with regular paper inside a sealed envelope can be detected. MailSecur’s treated paper detection software conveniently displays untreated regular paper as green, while laced paper is displayed as yellow or red. This enables existing staff using the MailSecur® scanner to detect the anomaly in a matter of seconds – without anyone having to open the mail or document.   

Prison Smuggling Occurs Outside of the Mailroom

Flexible. Scalable. Mobile. Screen Inmate Personal Items
Mobile cart.

Each day, corrections staff are called upon to search areas throughout the facilities to determine the presence of drugs and contraband.

Substances can be concealed in everyday items, from bedding and clothing to food items, toiletries, and more.

MailSecur when integrated in a rugged cart and using a battery pack allows for searches in inmate intake areas and housing units.


Expert Contraband Analysis Support

Local screeners can count on 24×365 access to our team of former law enforcement and narcotics agents for real-time image analysis and interpretation. Whether screeners need and expert second opinion as part of evidence reporting, or a refresher on best-practices and training support, our experts can remotely connect to every MailSecur and view exactly what local screeners see on the display, just as if our team were standing there with you in the room.

Detects More Drugs and Contraband

Drug-Laced Paper Icone.

Laced papers​
K2/K3/Spice and other chemicals

Suboxone Strips Icone.

Suboxone Strips​
Concealed behind labels, stamps, and between pages of magazines, newspapers, and books

Powder Icone.

Including cocaine, heroin, marijuana, tobacco, fentanyl, and other powders

Blue Liquid Icon

Including THC, methamphetamines, and synthetic drugs

Blue Electronic Icon

Including cell phones, SIM cards, SD cards, USB connectors, and other electronic components

Blue Knife Icon

Including sharps, and prohibited items

Money Icone.

Monetary instruments, including cash and credit cards.

Cell phone Icone.

Cell Phones
Electronic communication devices less than the size of a quarter.

Case Study

Young man meeting with advocate in pre-trial detention.
Correctional facilities, prisons, and jails are combatting a constant stream of contraband, including illegal drugs from the postal mail. Wardens and sheriffs need a way to detect dangerous substances like treated papers, suboxone strips and small quantities of powders


Inside Empty Alcatraz Cell Block.

Product Overview

Quick detection of smuggled threats in mail

MailSecur fills a critical gap not addressed by traditional screening technologies – seeing powders, liquids, treated papers and contraband

Front of the White House

Use Case

The legalities of inmate mail screening 

Fraudulent legal mail is a preferred means of smuggling drugs and contraband. The Sixth Amendment limits how legal mail can be inspected.

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Professional Services

Ongoing Support for Your Mail Operatons

Our expert team helps corrections staff stay on top of best practices, new screening techniques, and better processes to stop drugs and contraband.

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