262,000 suspicious mail items in 2021.   6,300 threats  —  are you prepared?

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The Future of Seeing Inside

Seeing inside of items has long been limited due to the cost, complexity, and radiation safety concerns of X-ray systems.

RaySecur is here to change that with real-time 3D scanners that can be used by anyone, anywhere, with safe T-ray millimeter wave imaging technology.

RaySecur Mission

Our mission is to secure your people, your assets, and your bottom line.

Seeing is how we perceive the world around us, yet every day hidden threats and defects go unseen and undetected until it’s too late and very expensive.

At RaySecur we’re on a mission to change that by developing game-changing imaging technology to answer two key questions: What if seeing inside of an item could be as easy as seeing the outside?

What if X-ray-like vision could be available to anyone without any harmful X-rays?

Since launching the world’s first desktop scanners to safely see inside of everyday items, we’ve changed the paradigm, providing the ability to see hidden threats and defects before they become a problem.

Our imaging solutions are now keeping businesses and their people safe and productive, avoiding high costs associated with preventable events.

And we won’t stop innovating until seeing what’s inside becomes as commonplace as seeing the outside.