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Only the major events make the headlines, but if you are staying in tune with mailroom security news around the world then you know how often these things happen.  Here are some stories we’ve tracked over the past two weeks:

  • In Norway, a man was arrested for sending packages containing explosives to a police station.
  • In Florida, a Hazmat team responded to an elementary school where the principal received a suspicious letter which contained a blank piece of paper and an unknown blue powder.
  • In Massachusetts, a man was indicted for sending letters with white powder to several federal agencies.
  • In the Netherlands, the Dutch parliament building went on partial lock down after a letter containing powder was sent to a newspaper office.
  • In New Hampshire, the Democratic Party headquarters was evacuated after a suspicious package was found.
  • In Idaho, the third of a string of mailbox explosions was reported, and police determined that an IED was the cause.
  • In Sydney, Australia, a woman had to be decontaminated by Hazmat crews after a suspicious package sparked the evacuation of up to 80 people from a building.

Stay vigilant and keep your mail room safety in mind, especially heading into the busiest mailroom season of the year!

12/17/18 – Norway – The bomb package was sent as regular mail and delivered by a postman. It was addressed to the police with no concrete recipient. 

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12/12/18 – Florida – Polk County hazmat at Laurel Elementary School after letter containing a blank piece of paper and blue powder was sent to the school principal.

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12/6/18 – Massachusetts – A Southwick man has been indicted by a federal grand jury for allegedly sending threatening letters and white powder to federal…  

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12/11/18 – Netherlands – The journalists’ press tower in The Hague was temporarily on lock down on Tuesday after a letter containing white powder was delivered…

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12/10/18 – New Hampshire – The N.H. Democratic Party office was evacuated after employees were exposed to a substance in a suspicious package…

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12/10/18 – Idaho – Shoshone law enforcement, are investigating the destruction of a mail box early Friday morning…

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12/12/18 – Australia – A woman has been “decontaminated” after a suspicious package containing white powder sparked the evacuation in part of a Sydney building….

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