262,000 suspicious mail items in 2021.   6,300 threats  —  are you prepared?

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Mail Handler Training

Mastering the Art of Mail Security

Whether you work directly in a mail center, mailroom, or at the reception area, as mail handlers you need to know how to handle mail safely.

This section will provide you with course content to learn how to protect yourself and your organization from mail-borne threats.

Getting Started

For MailSecur users, please see the MailSecur section below.

About our Mail Security Learning Platform

The learning material on this page was designed for Mail Handlers. It’s built around the understanding of risk, to help you close the gap on physical security.

Our goal is to provide a robust mail center security training program, for security leads and their teams. Here you’ll find courses ranging from designing SOPs to emergency response planning. 

These resources and training courses provide the full range of mail security training, with information and educational materials covering the before, during, and after phases of mail-borne threat detection.

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