262,000 suspicious mail items in 2021.   6,300 threats  —  are you prepared?

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Mail Threat Alert - May 2021

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Mail Security Analysis

may mail security reportAs the world climbs out of the pandemic, mail threats have increased.  Global events utilizing white powder threats grew significantly in May. 

The wide swath of targets included the federal level with obvious friction points to private individuals with no easy way to always know why.  With the news cycle shifting from the pandemic to new topics these events received more attention than recently.

The white powder remains the most common threat, and once again we see the frustration that even a little bit of powder can cause when it’s not properly detected.  The United States Senator Rand Paul, Arizona Republican leadership, and high-level Hong Kong government individuals were all hit this month, among others. Each time benign powder drove the headlines.  

Other illicit items included drugs, weapons, and contraband.  Most of the threats were handled by local police and brought local charges.  We expect these events to rise as the world re-opens and increases its dependency on mail.

United States Mail Security Incidents

  • Death Threats, White Powder, and Rand Paul – Bowling Green, Kentucky
  • White Powder and the Arizona State President – Phoenix, Arizona
  • Open Please Anthrax Inside” – Manassas, Virginia
  • Prison Hospital Workers Sickened – Arcadia, Florida
  • Mailed Hazardous Materials Brought to Local Fire Station – Boston, Massachusetts
  • Methamphetamines Distribution Though the USPS – Nacogdoches, Texas


International Mail Security Incidents

  • Hong Kong Leadership Receives White Powder – Hong Kong
  • Package Bomb Detonates and Kills 5 – Bago, Myanmar
  • New Deadly Drug in Mailboxes – Wellington, New Zealand
  • White Powder Delivered to City Center – Manchester, United Kingdom
  • “Party Drugs” Delivered as “Snacks” – Manilla, Philippines

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