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Bomb squad clears Ridgefield Park corner after suspicious package found


Rella said the bomb scare was good practice for the Bergen County squad at the least. The busy location on a main street corner is a difficult one to control, but the response went according to plan, Rella said.

“There was nothing other to glean from it really other than the system works as it’s supposed to,” Rella said. “We cordoned off the area as best we could … and thankfully there was nothing there.”

This suspicious package comes as several bombs have detonated in or near Austin, Texas, with the most recent happening Monday night at a FedEx facility in San Antonio. The bomb that exploded at the FedEx facility was allegedly headed for Austin and was filled with nails and metal shrapnel, according to USA Today.

The four explosions in Austin this month have killed two people and wounded four more.

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