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The Custer County Sheriff’s Office said the white powder sent to a Westcliffe bank was not hazardous substance, but a “non-narcotic” medication.

Authorities tell News 5 a woman in California is suspected of sending the substance, which shut down the Westcliffe Post Office and the First State Bank of Colorado for hours Tuesday.

Deputies did not identify the woman suspected of sending the substance.

No employees were hurt and the quarantine orders have been lifted for both the bank and the post office.

The Sheriff’s office said employees at the bank called to report a suspicious letter a little before 9:30 a.m. Tuesday. They said they got their mail from a box located at the post office across the street, when they noticed one of the letter was leaking a white powdery substance.

Deputies said the letter was addressed to the bank, and there was no note or threat included with the letter. It was stamped by the bank on May 23.

Authorities from multiple agencies responded to the scene, before determining the powder was a medication.

The Custer County Sheriff’s Office said the case is now being handled by postal inspectors.

Originally posted by KOAA News 5