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  • Four suspicious packages were reported at the British Parliament in Westminster in Monday and Tuesday.
  • They were sent to the offices of Muslim MPs in the Labour Party.
  • Police were called, though they ultimately concluded the packages were not harmful.
  • The packages were accompanied with offensive Islamophobic letters.
  • Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn called the letters “utterly contemptible.Muslims members of the British parliament have been sent a series of suspicious packages over the past 24 hours, prompting a response by police.Officers were called to the parliamentary estate on Monday and again on Tuesday. Two people were hospitalised as a precaution before the items were deemed not to be hazardous.Parliament has received four such packages over the past 24 hours, police told Business Insider. Three of the MPs in question have said the packages came with aggressive letters attacking their religion.

    Mohammad Yasin received a package on Monday, his office confirmed to Business Insider. Rushanara Ali, and Rupa Huq have both tweeted to say they received similar packages. Afzal Khan also received a package but did not open it, his office told BI in a statement.

    The packages sent to Yasin, Ali, and Huq contained letters advertising “Punish A Muslim Day,” which listed Islamophobic actions and the number of points given for performing them, The Guardian reported.

    The letter was also sent to households nationwide, said Tell MAMA, a charity that investigates anti-Muslim acts in the UK.