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The RaySecur team is proud to have been featured with ASIS on a recent virtual workshop webinar:

Enterprise Mail Security — Critical Risks and Practical Solutions

The prevalence and cost of dangerous mail attacks is serious and on the rise. The USPIS responds to 10 incidents every day on average.

$320 million was spent over 18 months to clean and remediate federal facilities after receiving mail containing anthrax — and it was only 5 pieces of mail.

An unknown white powder was mailed to Subway’s headquarters. Ricin poison was sent to the U.S. White House. And 20+ letter bombs and extortion attempts were mailed in the Netherlands, just to name a few.

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Enterprise Mail Security:
Critical Risks and Practical Solutions

In this virtual workshop, the RaySecur team discussed types of dangerous mail threats, and the technology and procedures to help prevent them.

The Problem

Dangerous mail attacks are far more common than many security teams realize. The US Postal Inspection Service responds to an average of 10 incidents every day.

Prevalence & Cost of Dangerous Mail

From US PIS, ATF, and public data around the US, we know that thousands of companies receive mail threats each year—and many receive more than one in the same year.

Types & Examples of Mail Threats

When most people hear “mail threat,” they tend to think of ticking time bombs seen in movies. In reality, hoax white powders and drugs are much more common, in some cases via inter-office mail.

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The Solution

Organizations can protect their personnel and property with proper risk assessment and established SOPs, including scalable technology.

An effective enterprise risk assessment uses guidelines provided by US Department of Homeland Security, including Facilities Best Practices published as part of DHS’ own SAFTEY Act.

Most organizations deploy x-ray scanners, if mail security is a concern. Tools and technology for screening should include Millimeter Wave scanning, to enable realtime 3D scanning for smaller threats like liquids and powders.

Download the Slides

This webinar covered emerging security trends for an ASIS audience. But if you missed it, you can download the slides.

Slides & Materials

Attendees to this webinar were offered a full slide deck, and several other helpful resources. Grab yours today.

If your security teams are looking for ways to expand their knowledge and harden security, this free webinar is a great way to start.

Please watch the video above, and download our free resource material to share with your security or mailroom personnel.

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