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With the politicization of mail-in votes this year, the likelihood of threats is greater than ever. To help, RaySecur held a briefing for state-level election officials on mail security.

RaySecur offered this mail security briefing to Secretaries of State and National Association of State Election Directors (NASED) members in all 50 states plus territories.

“In the past people have returned mail-in ballots with white powder hoaxes in an attempt to discredit or disrupt the election.

With the level of passion around mail-in votes this year, those threats are even more likely. Given RaySecur’s expertise in mail security, we felt that it was critical that we help election officials prepare for how to detect and handle such threats.”

—Alex Sappok, Ph.D., RaySecur CEO

The briefing was conducted by two mail security experts: Will Plummer, RaySecur’s Chief Security Officer, and Cody Martin, RaySecur’s Mail Security Director.

William Plummer, US Army (Retired).

Will Plummer’s 25-year career with the US Army and Department of Defense spans service as a Master Explosives Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Technician, to managing EOD operations as a commanding officer for all of Southeast Asia.

He holds a master’s degree in National Security and Irregular Warfare from the Naval War College.

Cody Martin.

Cody Martin had over 12 years of experience as a Federal Agent with the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, and several additional years as a mail security consultant.

He has worked on mail security for a Super Bowl, with the Secret Service for President George W. Bush in retirement, and has investigated hundreds of mail threats.


Download the Election Mail Security Presentation

As a public service, we’re giving away this Election Mail Security presentation material. Please feel free to download this PDF presentation, and share it with colleagues.

Here is a preview of a few slides:

During the presentation, attendees were briefed on the following topics:

  • The context and history of election mail threats
  • The people, processes, and technologies officials can use to detect and handle threats
  • How to safely handle mail during the COVID pandemic

RaySecur also monitors mail threats in the United States, and sends out regular alerts to new threats and mailroom security training.

Download the Election Security Slides

Please feel free to download this PDF presentation, and share it with colleagues.

Click here to download:


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