262,000 suspicious mail items in 2021.   6,300 threats  —  are you prepared?

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MailSecur + C-CURE

Integrated, Automated Security Screening

Combining the mail threat detection of MailSecur with the building security expertise of Johnson Controls Inc. closes mail screening vulnerabilities while also providing an improvement in building security management.

MailSecur + C-CURE integration provides security executives the ability to implement immediate and automated building operation responses uniquely tailored to specific threats.

An API enables plug-and-play integration with Johnson Controls security solutions, for automated and dynamic threat responses across building systems and seamless data sharing between.

RaySecur MailSecur T-ray Scanner for mail security

MailSecur + C-CURE in Action

The world’s first fully-integrated, automated response, physical screening solution using T-ray imaging technology.  MailSecur “sees inside” mail and parcels to detect hidden threats.  The C-CURE integration uses the scans to take automated actions across building systems to mitigate and stop these threats.

The MailSecur + C-CURE Advantage

Automatic Threat Responses

Automated, situational appropriate responses

Custom API plug-and-play integration with JCI security solutions allows MailSecur scans to automatcially trigger configurable responses. 

Building systems can be configured to pro-actively and automatically perform system wide operations, such as pausing HVAC function to stop contaminant spread.

Scalable, Multiple Site Integration

Scalable, effective multi-site solution

MailSecur with C-CURE integration is easy to deploy and highly scalable for complete site coverage. 

MailSecur is the only scalable mail screening solution that can easily be deployed across multiple sites and geographies.

MailSecur is only 3 feet tall and wide. Set it up on a table with a standard power outlet.

4D Threat Detection

Detects 9 out of 9 DHS designated substances with live, full-motion image capture

Unlike static X-ray which can only detect 3 out of 9.

Real-time detection of the most ellusive threats including powders and liquids sent in letters and small packages, as well as letter bombs, hoaxes, and traditional CBRE threats.

Safe for Operators

Hands-on screening with safe T-ray technology

Eliminates personnel exposure to dangerous X-rays.

MailSecur operators do not need costly certification. And sites avoid the need for shielding and licensing for radiation management and safety programs.

Real-Time Investigative Response

Remote screening capabilities and 24-hour support

See something suspicious? The world’s leading military-trained explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) experts are only a call away, 24×365. 

All systems support remote login for our EOD experts providing you with the same level of expertise as if our EODTechs are right there next to you in your mailroom.

Detects More, Smaller Threats than X-rays

300× more sensitive than X-ray scanners

That means MailSecur detects more and smaller threats than X-ray mail scanners.

With just a slight movement, suspicious liquids and powders can be seen shifting on MailSecur’s real-time video. Traditional threats are also revealed.

MailSecur by RaySecur.

Keep your business running and your employees safe. Without lifting a finger.

With MailSecur + JCI C-CURE organizations improve their ability to respond to new threats – automatically and dynamically – while enhancing building security and performance.

In the event of a building lockdown or evacuation the MailSecur communications with the building’s IoT systems, via the API, pauses the HVAC system preventing spread of contaminants or smoke.