262,000 suspicious mail items in 2021.   6,300 threats  —  are you prepared?

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Mail Threat Alert - OctoberAugust September July 2020

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The face of threats has evolved, thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic and its affect on our lives. The way we see the workplace has changed, maybe forever. The same applies toMail threat alert - July. shopping, dining, and other shared activities. 

  • Now that almost everything in the world can be delivered, we have to redefine the threats we face, and where they come from. 
  • Drugs are no longer primarily passed from hand to hand on a street corner. They have transitioned into the mail and show up at the office with the regular mail. The office is a lot safer for the delivery, because the drugs are hidden in the mass of mail
  • Angry ex-employees can target companies who “wronged” them with a 55¢ stamp and 500 milligrams of flour—especially important as offices and mailrooms reopen
  • Because of the 2001 anthrax events and the mandated response to “unknown powder,” a first responder’s arrival at a corporate headquarters is almost guaranteed to bring negative press
  • And, as expected, mail-borne threats have continued to occur for the last 60 days. The news that would cover it, however, has been inundated with pandemic-related events, and thus has been quiet about these threats.

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