262,000 suspicious mail items in 2021.   6,300 threats  —  are you prepared?

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A Continued Trend: Mail Threats Pose Heightened Concerns for U.S. Elections in 2024 In just a three-month span in late 2023, election officials, offices,
Fentanyl Emerges as the New White-Powder Threat in Mail Attacks Against Religious Groups and U.S. Election Sites The previous quarter brought a number of
Special Report: The use of fentanyl, a potentially lethal substance, in “white-powder” mail threats marks an escalation in the seriousness of threats against government
Businesses worldwide commonly face mail-based threats, which are often underreported. Successful attacks can cause disruptions such as interrupted operations, heightened security measures for facilities
Special Report: The conflict between Israel and Gaza raises threat levels for religious organizations and political and Government Agencies. The rise in violence between
RaySecur’s Chief Security Officer Will Plummer analyzes trends from known mail incidents in 2021. The objective of the report is to summarize key statistics
Our mail security experts provide insights and analysis on the latest in mail security: • Key findings and trends of the threat landscape • Most prevalent
There was an increase in the number of political and government entities that received mail threats. The upcoming election cycles have resulted in a
In July 2023, threats toward Lawmakers, State Representatives, and other Public Officials continued, including threatening letters sent to a Republican representative, and the French