The Long History of Mail Bombs & Threats

History of Dangerous Mail Bombs.

RaySecur’s Chief Security Officer provides a training webinar discussing the history of dangerous mail. In this webinar, viewers will learn the history of mail threats, and where today’s mailroom security procedures come from. Take this report with you ↓ About Will Plummer, CSO Prior to joining RaySecur as Chief Security Officer, Will spent 25 years […]

Mail Security Risk Assessment & SOP Planning

Risk Assessment SOP Planning.

In this presentation, RaySecur’s Director of Mail Security explains how to assess your mail security risk and develop SOPs for mail screening. Mail screening SOPs define roles and responsibilities within the mail security program for all personnel. Implementing a mail security program is often the missing piece in a comprehensive physical security program. Download the […]

How to Implement a Mail Security Program

How to Implement Mail Security Program.

RaySecur’s Director of Mail Security provides a training webinar discussing the implementation of a mail security program. In this webinar, views will learn how to design and implement a mailroom security program, and develop standardized operating procedures for mail screening. Take the PDF with you ↓ About Cody Martin Cody Martin had over 12 years […]

Integrating Mail Security into Executive Protection Programs

Unknown Mail Package.

This webinar examines the nature of mail-borne threats and a comprehensive mail security program to protect these people. Executives and prominent individuals face a barrage of mail threats. This webinar discusses a new technology to detect these threats, and how the technology fits into a comprehensive mail security program. About this Webinar This is a […]