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$20B Chemical Company Chooses RaySecur for its First-Ever Mail Security Program

A new global security head wanted to plug a major security gap in their mail program




North American mining and chemicals processing company with >$20B Revenue


Scaling up a new mail security program


This chemical and mining company has over $20B in annual revenue and over 20,000 employees in locations across North America.

The U.S. Dept of Homeland Security defines chemicals as a high-risk industry for mail threats but the company didn’t have a mail security program; their new head of global security knew that they needed one.

While they were considering the purchase of MailSecur units, pipe bombs were discovered in one of the towns in which they operate.

While not targeting the company, this reinforced the urgent need for a comprehensive mail security program.

The global security head was looking for a company that could provide a comprehensive solution including best practices, technology, and training.

They wanted technology that had been Designated by the Department of Homeland Security under the SAFETY Act.

They were concerned about the potentially heavy lift of rolling out a mail security program across the enterprise – and even more so when COVID hit.


The RaySecur security experts, who include former U.S. Postal Inspectors and U.S. Army EOD threat experts, undertook a risk assessment of nine of the company’s sites and developed a custom mail security Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

While the chemicals industry may be high-risk, the global security head did not feel that all of his sites were at equal risk.

In developing the SOP, RaySecur security experts scored the sites based on a set of quantitative metrics, accounting for such factors as perceived threat, location, type of facility, access controls, number of employees, risk profile of employees on site, and similar criteria.

In parallel with the risk assessment, the customer conducted a 30 day pilot of the MailSecur scanner at their headquarters.

Based on the successful pilot and results of the risk assessment, MailSecur scanners were deployed across all of their high and medium risk sites.

Low-risk sites are using RaySecur’s mobile MailSecur Connect app which walks all employees through the steps of visual and tactile screening, flags potentially high risk items, and ensures proper screening procedures are being followed at all sites.

Most importantly, the app provides direct access back to RaySecur’s threat experts should any employees require an expert second opinion when screening mail, regardless of whether they are using the MailSecur scanner.

RaySecur also provided comprehensive, remote mail security training for their mailroom personnel via web meetings and our online courses.


The chemical company now has a standardized mail security program across all locations, moving from 0% protection to 100% protection.

They are in compliance with DHS mail security guidelines, scanning all of their mail for chemical, biological, radiological, explosive, dangerous goods, and hoax letters with a DHS Safety Act Designated technology.

The RaySecur program provides them with 24/7 access to military-trained security experts to provide advice should an incident occur.

Given their enterprise-wide rollout, the average cost of the program per site to implement a comprehensive mail security program is comparable to the price of renting a photocopier.

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