262,000 suspicious mail items in 2021.   6,300 threats  —  are you prepared?

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Global Biotechnology Firm Protects Facilities and Staff with MailSecur

Moderna a fast-growing and high-profile vaccine manufacturer needed to formulate a global and enterprise-wide security strategy that addressed all aspects of corporate security, including all inbound streams of deliveries – postal mail, carriers, and couriers.






Rapid business expansion and role in COVID vaccine development and distribution led to new security challenges.


The fact that Moderna had grown its global footprint so quickly meant any mail security approach needed to account for more than just headquarters or executive protection security. Now, all the offices were potential targets. The team needed a solution that could scale across the enterprise and would be easy for existing staff to implement.


RaySecur’s in-house security experts – former military-trained explosive ordnance disposal specialists and former U.S. Postal Investigators – partnered with Moderna’s internal security teams to conduct a risk analysis and build cohesive security procedures and an incident response plan to close identified vulnerabilities. This provided the firm with mail screening procedures that could flex and scale so that the security processes worked globally, a key step to bringing their mail operation in-house.


With RaySecur, Moderna will meet its goal of deploying a comprehensive, scalable, effective, and easy-to-manage mail security strategy. The cross-company standard operating plan means it can quickly and consistently manage incidents wherever they arise.

Due to the onsite training and online continuing education courses, the security team feels confident in their screeners’ ability to detect more threats. The on-demand access to the remote analysis team provides another set of expert eyes to assist in threat verification. Now the remote offices have the same mail security capabilities as headquarters.

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