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How One of the Best-Known Financial Services Companies in the World Protects Offices and Personnel Globally

The company is one of the top 5 best-known financial services brands in the world.

“MailSecur quickly proved that it could detect threats that our third-party firm couldn’t with their off-site X-ray scanners.”

Director, Global Security Operations.


Finance & Banking


Global Financial Services Company > $10B Revenue


Protecting against both internal and external threats to their operation


The company is one of the best-known financial services brands in the world.

It operates globally in a sector – Banking – that the Department of Homeland Security considers to be one of the high-risk industries for mail threats.

As always, where there’s money there’s someone trying to figure out a way to get at it, whether by theft, extortion, or other means.

And with multiple offices worldwide, the potential risks were both internal and external.

The X-ray mail scanners operated off-site by their third-party mail screeners were simply not up to detecting the most common physical threats and hoaxes received in the mail today.

In particular, common “white powder” hoaxes and legitimate threats whether drugs, explosives, or dangerous chemical compounds (such as anthrax and ricin) typically go undetected with X-ray scanners.

Off-site screening adds logistical complexities and delays in the receipt of mail.

And their vendor was not able to protect all of their sites globally.

It was also important to them that any new device not sit on their network or otherwise open up a potential hole in their cybersecurity.


The company security personnel knew that they needed to button up security globally.

Initially, since millimeter wave imaging is a new technology, they bought two units to test MailSecur.

They quickly gained confidence in the MailSecur units and deployed them to nearly two dozen offices worldwide.

With their small profile and safe millimeter wave technology, the MailSecur units could go through customs without delay and be setup in a matter of minutes without the costly permits and licenses required for X-ray scanners.

Setup also did not require any IT support since MailSecur can leverage an independent LTE network and did not need to be connected to the company network – an added benefit for the company’s cybersecurity.

And since they are intuitive and easy to use, their operators were quickly comfortable and proficient in operating them.


It wasn’t long before the company reported the detection of a major internal incident:

1.5 pounds of cocaine had been sent between offices via inter-office mail.

Their third-party mail screeners had scanned the package off-site, found nothing, flagged it as safe, and sent it on to the second office where their internal people using MailSecur spotted the cocaine.

This validated their switch to MailSecur: they now had the technology that – unlike X-ray scanners – could detect the most common threats, and they eliminated the additional cost, delays, and logistical complexity of using an off-site third-party mail screener.

As the company has had to reconfigure and move offices during the COVID pandemic, they have easily moved their MailSecur units to new locations and countries, too.

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