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Leading Tech Company Using X-Ray Scanners Faced a Major Gap in their Mail Security

A $100B tech company:

“There is no way that I can see the powders that MailSecur is showing on my X-ray system.”

Director of Global Security
Operations Center and Mail Center, Executive Protection




One of the largest tech companies in the world


Their existing X-ray scanners miss most common mail threats.


MailSecur is used by 4 of the 5 most valuable companies in the world and this is one of them, with revenue well north of $100 billion annually.

Given its size and industry prominence, its current (and former) executives are some of the best-known business leaders and face the regular threats that that level of visibility provokes.

The company was using X-ray mail scanners, swab detectors, and downdraft tables to inspect items headed to the C-suite, but they knew that even that impressive arsenal of security technology could not detect all of the potential threats;

Specifically, they couldn’t detect powders or liquids, the most likely mail threats today.

These systems require high-trained specialists, are hard to scale, and often have false positives.

Individual mail security employees have a Duty of Care and they wanted to arm them with more knowledge before they opened an item.

And they wanted a Department of Homeland Security


The company closed the remaining mail security gap in their sophisticated executive protection program by adding MailSecur scanners into their screening regimen.

They also asked RaySecur mail security experts to review and consult on their entire mail security process, so RaySecur’s team traveled to their headquarters to meet with them and conduct the evaluation.

This led to RaySecur’s security experts contributing to the company-wide mail security Standard Operating Procedures.

And RaySecur’s EODSecur service provides on-call expertise when they need it, eliminating the need for expensive experts on staff.

With its quick setup and training, MailSecur was easy to add to their security program, and is portable and scalable.

MailSecur needed none of the extra, expensive shielding or certification that the company’s X-ray mail scanners had, took up little room, and could be plugged into a standard office electrical outlet.

Employees were using it in less than an hour.

As the first mail scanner to be designated as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology (QATT), MailSecur also met that requirement.


The EP team appreciates how MailSecur closes the security gap before they need to open a suspicious item.

The team also continues to keep their mail security knowledge up to date by attending RaySecur’s quarterly webinars for customers.

The company is looking at expanding the mail security program globally to all their locations.

They knew from the start that they needed a scalable solution, that mail security shouldn’t just be for the privileged few but for everyone.

With the ease of implementing RaySecur’s Five Pillars approach including hardware, training, and 24/7 EODSecur support, the company’s security team is able to implement enterprise-wide coverage.

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