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One of the Largest Hedge Funds Needs to Keep Their Hard-Charging Employees Safe

Traders and others in this high-risk industry spend a lot of time on site




Global Top Five Hedge Fund


Keeping employees secure in a large campus with many items coming in every day


Like employees at tech companies with a campus that becomes a second home, the traders and others working at this top-tier hedge fund spend a lot of time in the office and on the trading floor. And the Department of Homeland Security considers them to be a high-risk target for mail-borne attacks.

Keeping traders happy often means deskside delivery of personal shopping and e-commerce items to the office, and they even have an “internal Craigslist”. The company wants people to feel safe on site, but it poses a significant security challenge because the campus is quite large, yet all critical infrastructure is centralized.

The company had a nascent mail security program with visual and tactile inspections but no technology that could see into letters and packages.


The company acquired a MailSecur scanner as their first-line mail screening technology. With MailSecur they could be up and running quickly and with no changes to their offices; their staff was trained in less than an hour. MailSecur satisfied their need for a DHS Designated technology under the SAFETY Act, which not only provided validation for the technology but limitations to their potential liability in the case of an incident.

Now they have much greater insight into the contents of a piece of mail and eliminate the vast majority of threats since 95% of threats come in small letters and packages that MailSecur can “see inside” of. Ultimately, they also acquired an X-ray mail scanner for inspection of the few large boxes, like some of those in their internal Craigslist exchange that don’t meet their chain of custody verification.

RaySecur security experts consulted to the company on their program, visited the campus to assess the mail workflow and mail screening program, and reviewed the company’s mail security standard operating procedures. They were alert to the potential of mail threats sent by insiders – disgruntled employees or others close to the company – and helped the company put in place measures to close those gaps in their mail security program.


While some security people think that they should keep all of their efforts covert, this program is highly visible so as to discourage employees from attempting to send a mail-borne threat. Each piece of scanned mail is now stamped with the red “MailSecur Screened” stamp so people will know that the program is active – similar to the TSA pamphlets placed inside inspected luggage. Employees now know that their arriving mail and packages are safe, providing both peace of mind and yet another highly-valued benefit.

Members of the security team subscribe to RaySecur’s monthly threat alerts and routinely participate in RaySecur’s quarterly webinars so they can keep up with the latest developments in mail security.

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