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A Major 2020 U.S. Presidential Candidate Protected Family & Staff with MailSecur

in 2020 was facing threats to himself, his family, and staff. His security team used MailSecur to keep them all safer.

“I did feel a lot more secure and I got a lot more confident in trusting what I saw because MailSecur was so easy to use.”

Staffer in charge of handling the daily mail.




A major U.S. presidential campaign


Keeping the candidate, staff, and his family safe from mail threats


Senator Bernie Sanders had two campaign offices shut down due to mail threats in just September, 2019.

The 2020 U.S. presidential campaign of Pete Buttigieg received so many verbal and written threats that they decided they needed to do something to keep their staff and the mayor’s family safe.

After contracting with a third-party executive protection firm, the firm directed them to MailSecur given the system’s ease of deployment and high level of effectiveness in screening and detecting mail threats.


Based on the recommendations of their executive protection firm, the Pete for America Campaign chose to use MailSecur from RaySecur to scan each day’s incoming mail.

With MailSecur they could “see inside” mail with real-time, 3D video and detect potential threats before the item was opened.

MailSecur was set up in Mayor Pete’s South Bend headquarters in a few minutes.

It took up little space and required no special shielding or certification.

The campaign had all the mail from their South Bend field office and Pete Buttigieg’s family members sent to the headquarters for screening before being returned to them to be opened.

Combined with the headquarter’s mail, it only took about an hour a day to screen it all with MailSecur.

Did they assign a seasoned security veteran with years of experience to handle the mail screening? No, they assigned a young campaign staffer with no security experience.

The MailSecur training was so thorough, and it was so easy to use, that – combined with 24/7 RaySecur expert EOD* support – within just a few weeks she was quite comfortable running the mail screening and flagging suspect items.

She could recognize “typical” mail items routinely sent into headquarters like campaign buttons, lapel pins, and other promotional items.

And despite many threats, nothing was identified that required closing the office.

“The training was pretty great,” said Lia Rocchino, Risk Management and Vetting Associate for Pete for America.

“I felt prepared for a lot of the things that I was going to see. I felt pretty good at recognizing items just from the training. It only took a couple weeks of checking with RaySecur on a couple objects to recognize items.”

“It worked a lot faster and a lot smoother than I had anticipated. I anticipated that it would be harder to use. I did feel a lot more secure and I got a lot more confident in trusting what I saw because MailSecur was so easy to use.”

For a person new to mail screening, a few items stood out.

“Baseball caps look really weird,” Lia said.

And the unusual shape of a folded-up gift t-shirt raised a few eyebrows.

But she could share the suspicious images and video with RaySecur’s 24/7 EOD support in real-time.

Over the course of the campaign she contacted RaySecur support several times whenever she saw something abnormal in the mail for an expert second opinion.

“And working with RaySecur was a lot smoother than I thought it would be, which was really, really helpful.”


In this case, the client had a need to quickly set up a comprehensive mail security program for a high-profile political figure where none had previously existed.

MailSecur eliminated the need for costly and time-consuming radiation permitting required for X-ray scanners and was set up and running in the campaign headquarters in minutes.

MailSecur’s real-time 3D video imaging of the contents inside packages and envelopes made it very easy for a campaign staffer with no previous security or mail screening experience to quickly get up to speed on how to use the system.

More importantly, the staffer was able to quickly identify suspicious items and rely on RaySecur’s EOD remote support to provide an expert second opinion in real-time for keeping the campaign safe, and out of the news cycle, with no shut-downs for mail security threats.

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