262,000 suspicious mail items in 2021.   6,300 threats  —  are you prepared?

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$5B Global Cloud Service Provider Faces Threats Worldwide

“The safety and ease of use of RaySecur’s scanners are two of the key reasons why we deployed these systems across four of our critical sites in North America this year. Adding this layer of screening also allows us to comply with the recommendations made by Homeland Security…”

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Cloud service provider with dozens of facilities globally > $5B Revenue


Scaling up a new mail security program across multiple data centers.


Like any cloud service provider, this $5B-plus company puts a top priority on uptime of its data centers.

They have very high, “six-nines plus” standards. Just an hour of downtime in a major center can cost over $1 million.

They are very careful about the location of their centers (taking into account such factors as weather and geologic stability), having redundant power systems, multiple layers of backup – and outstanding mail security.

Cloud providers have a unique mail security challenge.

They may be providing services to thousands of companies in dozens of industries, but they are not aware of everything that their customers are doing online – nor could they be.

Third parties, though, may be intensely aware of the end user’s activities, may be greatly offended by some, and may (absurdly) blame the cloud provider for them.

If a customer is in the news, some people will track down where they are hosted, and the hosting company can be at risk.

They also have challenges from people entering and exiting the data center.

A USB key or other data storage device can be used to take a huge amount of data out of the facilities.

And while the IT people may think that their greatest security threats are online, they in fact face equally serious physical security challenges.

This company has over 60 sites globally, including data centers, offices, and agents, each with a different security profile.

People carrying items (with data) in and out could be as significant of a risk as threats coming through the mail, but they did not have a policy for controlling those entrances and exits.


Employing our Five Pillars approach, RaySecur’s security experts worked with the customer’s security and facilities leads to develop a global Mail Security Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to meet the cloud provider’s unique requirements.

The RaySecur team, composed of former US Federal Postal Inspectors and military threat experts supported the customer in implementing a holistic risk scoring approach for all of their sites.

Based on this enterprise risk assessment and implementation plan, the customer initially installed MailSecur scanners in the four facilities at highest risk in North America, with a roll-out plan for additional deployments across the enterprise.

Medium-risk sites are using RaySecur’s MailSecur Connect mobile app to implement and enforce standard mail security processes and procedures at satellite sites and ensure all employees are following proper screening procedures.

They are also receiving in-depth mail security training from RaySecur, and RaySecur provides 24/7/365 EODSecur support when incidents arise.

RaySecur’s security plan also included a new carry-in/carry-out policy.

Now people are required to leave jackets and other personal items in an entry closet and items are scanned in MailSecur as people come and go, just like their inbound and outbound mail.


Now the cloud provider is using MailSecur to scan mail and personal items being brought in or out.

Company security personnel are expert at detecting potentially harmful physical items whether they come in via the mail or on a person, and with MailSecur Connect they can identify items from potentially high-risk individuals.

They have 24/7 access to RaySecur’s EODSecur support when a suspicious item is detected.

At less than the cost of a photocopier for each site, the company is providing a whole new level of uptime assurance for their customers.

RaySecur is helping them provide six-nines plus uptime across tens of thousands of systems.

Mail security is not a cost; it is contributing to the company’s core source of revenue.

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