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Fortune 500 Manufacturer Security Team Left in the Lurch When Company Split

The X-ray mail scanner was lost in the divorce and being in a new headquarters didn’t make matters any easier.




Fortune 100 manufacturer with over $50 billion in revenue


Quickly developing a comprehensive mail security program


This is a major company that went through a corporate split.

They were in a new building with all new employees, but their X-ray mail scanner – and accompanying security procedures – had gone with the other half of the firm.

They now had little or no mail security.

And they knew that just acquiring a new X-ray scanner would still leave them vulnerable to small quantities of powders and liquids – the most common mail borne threats today – which X-ray scanners can’t detect.

To complicate things even more, their security was split between two layers of contractors: one for the facilities management and one for mailroom operations.

This is not unusual in Fortune 500 companies; there is often the need to coordinate between many parties.


The company was starting from scratch in its new headquarters; this actually can be a great opportunity to create the optimal mail security program.

RaySecur security experts worked with the team to quickly develop mail security Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) that included processes, training, and technology for the entire organization.

A MailSecur scanner was placed in a central location in the new headquarters that was convenient to both the offices and the loading dock.

Due to MailSecur’s ease of use, the RaySecur team trained the subcontractors on how to operate it in under an hour.


The new mail security program effectively closed gaps in executive protection for the C-suite and general mail security for their new headquarters building.

The security team was so impressed with MailSecur that they now specify it for all new facilities and are implementing a plan for roll-out of the program to existing sites globally.

The EP team continues their close collaboration with RaySecur.

They regularly attend RaySecur quarterly security webinars to stay up to date on the latest threats and also receive RaySecur’s monthly threat updates.

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