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How a Global Stock Exchange Protects Mail Rooms on Four Continents

With their high profiles and the possibility to make – or lose – a fortune in an instant, it’s not surprising that stock exchanges routinely face major security threats.

“The safety and ease of use are two of the key reasons why we deployed these systems across our critical sites.”

Global Security Director, International Stock Exchange


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With their high profiles and the possibility to make – or lose – a fortune in an instant, it’s not surprising that stock exchanges routinely face major security threats.

Operating in North America, Europe, and Asia, this exchange received two significant mail-borne threats in less than six months, both exposing risks to critical infrastructure.

They knew that a facility evacuation would have an enormous impact on their business and brand.

They operated a fragmented security program with five types of equipment in various locations, and some sites completely unprotected.

Though the exchange used X-ray scanners, they were expensive to scale, especially in Europe and Asia where regulatory bodies are tightening the requirements on radioactive sources.

And they were unable to detect threatening powders and liquids – their most common threat.

Their security program was managed by exception. They needed a system to detect all CBRNE threats that was safe to use.


RaySecur’s security experts completed a risk assessment for the exchange, ratings sites as low-, medium-, or high-risk based on location, number of employees, threat level, vulnerability, type of facility, and other factors consistent with US DHS guidelines.

From this assessment the stock exchange recognized the significant security gap posed by their mail stream.

To quickly seal that gap, RaySecur provided MailSecur scanners that could be up and running in a matter of minutes in their offices worldwide and would detect not just powders and liquids but the full range of CBRNE threats.

A significant advantage for global deployments is the safety of the MailSecur scanner itself, also requiring no special licenses or radiation permits, unlike X-ray.

This is especially important in Japan, and other countries with strict radiation permitting requirements.

Given the success of the solution, a MailSecur scanner is now standard equipment as the exchange opens new offices around the world.


Since deploying RaySecur’s solutions, this customer has detected and prevented several major security incidents and has avoided costly or embarrassing external responses.

Most importantly, international trading operations have not been disrupted due to mail threats.

Thanks to the risk assessment provided by RaySecur’s security experts, the customer replaced covert mail security procedures with overt operations.

Their people in every department are now aware of ongoing mail screening processes, significantly reducing the risk of an inside threat.

This saves time, effort, and money for security and facilities teams, which are now free to focus on external threats.

The result is a stronger, more effective global security program to protect all key international sites, not just a select few.

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