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G8 World Leader’s Security Team Adds MailSecur to its Arsenal of Security Tech

Facing constant threats, the team wanted to keep themselves safe while also keeping their charges safe.




The security team of a G8 world leader


Every piece of mail sent to the leaders of a major democracy must be safely opened


Leaders of the world’s major democracies are in uniquely vulnerable positions: they are highly visible.

At any given time at least 40% of their electorate thinks that they’re doing a lousy job, and their security teams have to open every piece of mail sent to them.

The passage of a single, controversial bill can set off a whole new round of threats.

World leaders have been sent everything from ricin to mail bombs.

This G8 leader’s team was no different, and in addition to protecting the leader they needed to protect the other ministers, too, without unduly endangering themselves personally.

Of course, they already had a sophisticated mail security program in place, and almost every conceivable type of screening equipment.

But threats were still making it through because they lacked the unique ability of MailSecur’s millimeter wave technology to detect tiny amounts of powders and liquids in an item as small as an envelope.

Following the passage of controversial legislation, this leader’s security team was inundated with powder threats – hoaxes and legitimate threats such as cocaine, fentanyl, arsenic, chlorine, and sugar.

This uptick in threats, which were undetected by the team’s conventional screening technologies, resulted in disruptions to security operations over 80 times in one year.


The security team quickly added MailSecur to their mail inspection routine.

With its small footprint and safe mmWave technology, it was up and running in minutes and the team only needed about half an hour of training.

While their X-ray mail scanner could still provide insights into the contents of very large boxes, they couldn’t detect liquids and powders.

MailSecur provided a superior view into the contents of the other 95% of mail items.

Security team members now can rotate items and view their contents dynamically and record the video and images for sharing with other security team members and as evidence.

They also take advantage of MailSecur’s integrated metal and radiation detectors to identify additional threats.

The team now feels far more secure before opening suspicious items on a downdraft table.


The G8 leader’s security team has cut annual shutdowns due to mail-borne threats from 80 to zero.

The security team is more effective and safer. They maintain a close relationship with RaySecur’s security experts.

They are contributing sample images of real threats for RaySecur to use in the development of our AI models and will continue to collaborate on new products and capabilities.

MailSecur is now the G8 leader security team’s standard for mail screening.

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